nice lure on wheels Ilona

nice lure on wheels Ilona

Spring is here and I want to spend more time outdoors. And to make the walk with the children even more interesting, I suggest driving two all-wheel drive radio-controlled cars Hiper drift racing. With just one look, they will attract the attention of others, and light and sound effects will add smiles to the faces of children. One of the key features to look out for is all-wheel drive with Mecanium wheels.

nice lure on wheels Ilona


  • Specifications
  • Packaging and equipment
  • Appearance
  • Demonstration of work
  • findings
  • model – HCT-0004;
  • operating range of the control panel – up to 35 meters;
  • capacity and type of battery for installation in the machine – Li-Ion 500 mAh;
  • operating time from a full charge of the battery – up to 25 minutes;
  • battery charging time – 120 minutes;
  • machine size – 60 * 100 * 210;
  • scale of cars – 1:24;
  • maximum speed – up to 10 km / h;
  • additional features – Mecanum omnidirectional roller wheels, 360-degree rotation, all-wheel drive of the machine.
Packaging and equipment

Already from one box there is a desire to quickly unpack and start the machines. After all, juicy colorful images of supercars contribute to this. The manufacturer additionally highlighted the main features, such as four-wheel drive Mecanum roller wheels, sound and light additions. And what is important, the batteries for the machines are already included in the package.

For the convenience of moving the cardboard box, a plastic handle is provided at the top. On the side ends there are technical specifications and operating warnings. Everything is.

Inside the machine, control panels and bags with batteries, chargers and a screwdriver are fixed on a cardboard backing. Which, by the way, is also made in a sporty style and adds confidence to the gaming properties of cars. Before use, be sure to read the instruction manual, as there you can find out about the battery charge and control from the remote control. By the way, to remove the machines and control panels, you can use the supplied screwdriver.

Charging cables are designed to charge one battery, which is not very convenient, but they are completely interchangeable. During charging, there is an LED indication, so do not miss the moment of a fully charged battery while heating is insignificant.

Batteries Li-ion 14500 with a capacity of 500 mAh. Although with minor modifications, 18650 with a larger capacity can fit into the battery compartment of the machine. The capacity of the complete battery is enough for a full 20 minutes of driving at medium speeds, but if you add sound and light effects, the duration may decrease.

The control panels differ in color, respectively, by which it is possible to determine which machine it belongs to. The size of the case is most likely intended for a child’s hand, although it was convenient for me to hold it.

The remotes are really miniature, but thanks to the plastic inserts, the total area increases, so it is quite convenient to hold them. On the upper part there are sliding sticks (the left one is responsible for moving forward and backward, and the right one for turns). Between them is an indicator LED and buttons for activating sound, backlight and demo mode. Additional buttons are located at the top and are responsible for moving sideways to the left or right. Despite the fact that the antenna is built-in, the range, as shown by measurements, reaches 25-30 meters, and then it is quite difficult to distinguish the silhouettes of cars.

Activating the sound allows you to fully immerse yourself in the noise of the engine, and the sound is different when the car is stationary and in motion. The effect is best observed on babies, as they are completely delighted.

The demo mode allows you to fully unlock the potential of the car, but it is better to run it in a large area free from obstacles, as the car performs various movements and tricks.

On the bottom there is a switch for activating the remote control and a compartment for installing 2 batteries, which are not included in the package and must be purchased separately. After installing the batteries, be sure to lock the cover to protect against accidental playful children’s hands.

nice lure on wheels Ilona

The cars are made in the style of sports supercars with a streamlined sports body, and by their appearance you can easily identify recognizable silhouettes of famous car brands in them. Despite the fact that this is a kit, the manufacturer decided to please adult kids and made cars with different cases. The coloring contains elements to match the color of the remote control, so you will not confuse their belonging. The cases are reliable and strong, and even if they accidentally fall from a height, as practice has shown, they will not suffer.

nice lure on wheels Ilona

Each car has a large panoramic roof that acts as a backlight, in addition, the headlights are also backlit. And if the headlights have a static backlight, then the panoramic roof shimmers smoothly in RGB colors. To save the charge, it can be turned off by the corresponding button on the control panel.

nice lure on wheels Ilona

The detailing is really impressive, although there are no moving parts on the cars, except for the wheels. The wide air intakes in the front are very massive, which gives a rather menacing look.

There are no backlight elements on the back side, but bumpers with good detail make their own adjustments.

The red car has a more attractive look, as the paint has metallic elements. At the same time, all elements and inscriptions are applied with paint, not stickers. From the ends you can see a massive eye-catching arches with air intakes. The clear lines of the doors are visible.

The movement is carried out due to Ilon’s roller wheels or a roller-carrying wheel, which allows you to move in any direction without turning the car. Each roller has a rubber coating that increases grip with the road surface. If you look closely, you can see that there are smudges on the wheels and arches. They appeared from the applied liquid lubricant. Each wheel is held on a plastic hex axle.

The wheels do not slide on smooth surfaces due to the rubber coating, but the clearance is small, so you can forget about the mud mixer, and there is no moisture protection.

If anyone has not yet encountered this type of wheels, you will be pleasantly surprised by their capabilities. Due to the structure, they allow you to move in any direction and even diagonally without turning the body or turning the wheels.

On the bottom you can see a small sticker, a switch to activate the machine and a compartment for installing the battery. I already mentioned above that most likely even an increased capacity 18650 battery will fit in it. A complete 14500 with 500 mAh is enough for 15-20 minutes of fun rides. In the aggregate, there is enough speed, and the machine travels up to 10 km per hour.

Of course, the clearance is small, so operation involves driving on smooth surfaces, but the machine can easily slip through paving slabs.

Demonstration of work

Management is simple and the child figured out in a couple of minutes. Considering that he has already driven a previously radio-controlled car. Of course, Mecanum specific roller wheels make their own adjustments.

The start is instant and the car starts moving even with a slight spin of the wheels on the main surface. While driving, small obstacles are not a hindrance.


Radio-controlled cars Hiper Drift Racing have a number of advantages over others. For example, there are 2 of them in the kit at once, and they also have all-wheel drive with Ilona roller wheels, sound and light accompaniment, and a beautiful appearance of sports supercars. The supplied batteries are enough for long rides, but you will need to purchase batteries for the remote control.

The disadvantages include only a small clearance and the lack of moisture protection.

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