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According to Western bloggers covering Lego’s new products, in January 2022, the Danish manufacturer is going to give a real surprise! For the first time in the line of designers of the popular Star Wars series, the AT-ST “two-legged” walker set (75322 LEGO Star Wars Hoth) will be presented.

The game set will return its owner to the events of the fifth episode of the cult film The Empire Strikes Back. Attentive viewers will remember that in it the events unfold on the planet of snow and ice under the short name of Hoth. So, it is there that the prototype of the toy “two” walker takes part in the battle between the troops of the Empire and the rebels who have settled their secret base on the cold planet. However, they can only be seen in very short scenes, moreover, in the background. Particularly when they surround their much larger AT-ATS counterparts.

It is assumed that the new designer will be released marked “9+”. This means that the prefabricated model was originally classified as a play model. What will be a “two-legged” walker is clear from the above image.

It differs from previous versions:

  • not only by the presence of two legs, but also by the fact that they are longer than those of other walkers;
  • barrels of blaster cannons are made 2 times longer, which are installed in the “chin” and covered with viewing shields;
  • the size of the walker’s head is noticeably reduced, and it also has closed “eyes” to resist the cold.

This set includes 3 minifigures of famous Star Wars characters: Imperial AT-ST pilot, Chewbacca and Rebel soldier Hoth.


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