New sketches of the Marvel line are expected


The Danish company has practically announced the opening from April 1 of sales in the official online store (according to bloggers, exclusively here!) Of two new brick sketches with a Marvel license. The cost of both will be 16.99 euros (1965 rubles). It turns out, despite the fact that in general the series LEGO Marvel Brick Sketches does not justify the cost, “Lego” does not abandon the idea. All previous releases, starting from 2020, did not cause much excitement among construction fans. This is confirmed by extremely sluggish sales, which persist for several years.

So, the model from the constructor 40535 LEGO Brick Sketches Iron Man, consisting of 200 parts, is a kind of relief photo of a superhero in full face. The character’s face stands out with a bright color palette against a blue-turquoise background, thanks to which the “image” becomes even more plastic.

The second set under the article 40536 LEGO Brick Sketches Miles Moralesor otherwise Spider-Man, represents the image of a superhero, on whose head is a hood from the famous red sweatshirt.

The assembled models from both sets can be stored on the table like a regular photo frame with legs or hung on the wall, for which special hooks are provided at the back of the “portraits”. In any case, for fans of the theme, they will become quite an interesting decorative element.


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