New parts are back on LEGO Pick a Brick

October 2022 has turned into a pretty generous month for those Lego fans who are on the hunt for new parts and elements from the Danish manufacturer. As a rule, they need novelties for their own (author’s) “brick” projects. So there is a constant demand for such products.

Some time ago, those wishing to become owners of new products could buy any item that interested them separately. To do this, it was necessary to apply to a special online platform literally immediately after the release of a new designer. However, after reorganizing the platform and merging it into a single service called LEGO Pick a Brick There have been technical problems with the service. Therefore, almost from the beginning of the year, the company stopped accepting orders for new parts.

Access to such acquisitions was opened only at the end of August 2022. Although also in a limited assortment: it was possible to order only new spare parts from sets that came out from January to March. In October, construction fans got the opportunity to order April and May novelties. The other day, the range of the platform was replenished with June details. At this pace, it is quite possible that the Danish manufacturer will soon fully restore the operation of the service for the sale of individual “bricks” LEGO Pick a Brick.

What especially attracts buyers in the presented assortment? If you take April and May sets, many will be interested in new parts from such models as DeLorean, Buzz Lightyear and Jurassic Park, Horizon Tallneck UCS Landspeeder, as well as additions to the Lego botanical collection. So, for example, in the constructor 76956 LEGO Jurassic Park T-Rex Escape night vision device was presented for the first time, and in the set 21333 LEGO Ideas Starry Night – a blue brush and a new color palette that make you feel like Vincent van Gogh.

In June 2022, more than 100 new construction sets hit the store shelves, including Star Wars, Monkie Kid, Harry Potter, Ninjago, Friends, The City and others. It is clear that the kits included a lot of fresh parts. In particular, farm animals and birds in “city” sets have been updated, the choice of miniature figures has expanded due to modular toys in the Monkie-Kid and City series.

Now on LEGO Pick a Brick you can order sand green leaves, dark green plant stems, an orange shopping cart, wheels and many, many other new items and accessories that first appeared in the “world of cubes” in 2022.

New 2022 parts available again for order on LEGO Pick a Brick

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