New model of the German Cat® D1 bulldozer | LEGO news


By the beginning of October, the Lego company plans to ship a new constructor to stores, addressed to consumers in the 18+ category. This 42131 LEGO D11 set lets you build a stunning model of one of the largest construction equipment, the iconic German Cat® D1 bulldozer.

The assembled bulldozer promises to be a magnificent copy of its real-life prototype, not only in appearance and color palette, but also in many functional abilities. First of all, it will amaze the owners of the kit with its huge dimensions – suffice it to say that its length will be 57 cm.

The impressive dimensions for toys made it possible for the creators to present the technique with high detail in the design and working elements. The toy is equipped with five electric motors and a special application CONTROL +, which turn it into a remote-controlled “hard worker”.

Yes, yes, it is in the “hard worker”, since the control of the bulldozer is not limited to the standard movement back and forth with turns, but implies the performance of all the work characteristic of such equipment. With realistic features and functionality, the D1 toy will function just like the real thing! He will be able to:

– raise, lower and tilt the front “shovel” and the stern lift;

– move the tracks separately;

– lower the ladder-ladder into the cab of the tractor driver.

The model perfectly simulates a running V8 engine. The owner of the toy will be able to manually adjust the tracks – tighten them or, on the contrary, loosen them. By the way, the caterpillar chains of this bulldozer are completely new: they differ from those previously used in the Technician series in size and shape, as well as in yellow, which is used for the first time in Lego practice.

Assembly model from the designer 42131 LEGO D11, without exaggeration, can be called an excellent engineering achievement by the developers of the Lego company. They managed to create an accurate and realistic copy of the German giant, reflecting most of the technical and mechanical elements of the original.


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