New model of Hogwarts Express in the series “Harry Potter”

Along with the announcements of sets in the Harry Potter spring-summer series on Western themed sites, rumors of a new Hogwarts Express have been widely discussed. The reason was a post published on one of the social networks by a construction fan under the nickname @lego_fulcrum. It says that soon the Danish company will present to the fans the largest and most expensive version of the famous Hogwarts Express.

Over the years of the existence of the thematic line, the model Hogwarts Express in the designers of “Lego” appeared quite a few times. We only recall that the latest version of this railway vehicle from the magical world was a toy from the assembly kit 75955 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express. She saw the light in 2018. Then the developers of the project suggested that fans of the “world of cubes” build a 46-cm train model along with a 31-cm platform of the railway station (pictured). The game location turned out to be quite detailed and detailed.

It is assumed that the novelty will also introduce a buildable model of the Hogwarts Express, but only with a few passenger cars. As an additional object, the creators of the toy will most likely choose a version of the King’s Cross dispatch station. However, some commentators are in favor of the terminus of the village of Hogsmeade.

On top of all that, Harry Potter fans are expecting a lot of fairy tale minifigures to be included with the new building set. And as we have already reported, the minifigures in the series “Harry Potter” this year will be quite a lot.

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