New “Lego”, which did not justify the hopes of the company


The novelty of

The joint project of the Danish manufacturer of designers and music giant Universal Music Group to produce the original sets of the LEGO Vidiyo series almost at the start failed. “Music constructors” did not become popular as expected. Moreover, they were not in consumer demand. Little attention was paid to them, even when sold at deep discounts.

Why did this happen, because the idea itself was very original? Two corporations decided to create a kind of social network for recording music videos. The constructors in this concept are a launching pad for working on musicals.

The kit includes:

  • a small portable box in which you can place a minifigure and the so-called bitbits – smooth square details with prints;
  • thanks to bitbeats, the toy becomes interactive – with the help of a special application installed on a smartphone, a musical composition is read with a variety of pop effects;
  • and the main star of the future music video is a miniature figurine (by the way, each minifigure of the series looks quite beautiful and is quite suitable as a separate exhibit of home collections).

In general, something went wrong and LEGO’s attempt, together with Universal Music Group, to create their own “Tik-Tok” failed. Low demand for the products of the new line of designers forced the Lego company to officially suspend work on this project until 2023 in the summer. Sales of the announced sets of the second selection for July were first postponed to October. Now it turns out that, most likely, the designers of the Video series will not appear on store shelves at all. The Danish manufacturer has canceled all retail orders. However, the company left one “loophole” – the announced collection can be bought in the LEGO Brand online store.

The novelty of



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