New LEGO Spider-Man themed magazine

Company Lego in addition to the successful production of prefabricated construction sets for all ages, continues to expand its publishing activities. Everything indicates that this approach plays a significant role in marketing, helping to distribute the main products.

Just the other day, the collection of useful and informative Lego magazines was replenished with another colorful edition. This issue of the colorful magazine is completely dedicated to the most popular superhero in the gaming world – the legendary Spiderman, or otherwise Spider-Man.

These printables are of great interest, as each issue is accompanied by the traditional free miniature figurine supplement. For many building fans, these bonuses give them the opportunity to own minifigures of their favorite characters from fantasy stories. The Spider-Man magazine was no exception in this regard. Fans of the thematic series, along with interesting publications on its pages, received a unique present – Spider-Man with a rope.

What is attractive about such magazines is that you can find out in advance about the bonus that you should expect in the next issue. Readers of the new Spiderman edition have been informed that the second edition will include a Carnage minifigure as a free add-on. So far, this character with scary tentacles has only appeared in one constructor. 76173 LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Man and Ghost Rider vs. Carnage. Thus, buying Lego magazines is not only interesting and informative, but also quite profitable and pleasant!

Lego launches new 'Spider-Man' themed magazine

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