New Lego Harry Potter builds on old sets

In the previously announced summer wave of themed packs LEGO Harry Potter construction fans have found similarities with older designs. The authors of prefabricated toys offer owners of four out of seven new construction sets to build well-known models, which are almost identical in construction and design.

According to users, the design team working on summer builds decided not to stress too much with new ideas. They simply allowed themselves to recreate forgotten toys.

This is especially evident in the model from the constructor. 76402 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts: Dumbledore’s Office. This construction set is identical to its prototype, the 4729 LEGO Harry Potter Dumbledore’s Office set released in 2002 (top pictures). In both versions, the main structure is a tall tower with a green domed roof and an extended base.

A similar similarity of models can be seen in three more new sets:

  • constructor 76401 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Courtyard: Sirius Rescuein fact, an analogue of 4753 LEGO Harry Potter “Escape of Sirius Black” in 2004;
  • 76407 LEGO Harry Potter Shrieking Hut and Thundering Willow repeats 4756 “Screeching Shack” from 2004 (bottom shots);
  • game set 76406 LEGO Harry Potter Hungarian Horntail Dragon is exactly 4756 “Harry and the Hungarian Horntail” from 2005.

It is not surprising that such a number of coincidences in one selection of sets, of course, upset the age-old construction fans. Moreover, the world of Harry Potter is still completely unrevealed in Lego prefabricated toys. Therefore, many expected from the developers something really new, exclusive.

Fans have discovered that the summer wave of new Harry Potter LEGO products is based on old sets

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