New Lego Easter set revealed


Lego Australia has a new Easter set

On the Internet, information has rapidly spread about new Easter constructor. Fans have discovered it in the assortment of products of a certified store of a Danish company in distant Australia. The original source of the message and picture was Brickset. The image on the front side of the branded box shows that the designer presents a brick model of a multi-colored Easter egg and miniature figurines of two birds. Most likely, they personify an adult bird and a chick.

So far, one thing remains not entirely clear, how this novelty will be distributed? There are 2 options here – either the designer will be sold as a regular product in the form of a separate set, or they will be presented as a gift bonus to a larger and more expensive prefabricated model. Commentators remind that last year’s set 40449 “Easter Bunny’s Carrot House” was a gift – it was received by customers who, 3 weeks before Easter Monday, placed orders for Lego constructors in online and offline stores in the amount of 60 euros (6937 rubles). So it is quite possible that history will repeat itself.

Many building fans are wondering when the new playset will be available. There is no official timing information. It is assumed that sales will open from March 28, that is, 3 weeks before Easter.


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