New Batman toy for kids

Thanks to information from the Dutch retailer Otto Simon, information about the new set has become available to parents 76220 LEGO DC Batman vs. Harley Quinn. The modular toy is addressed to little fans of the “world of cubes”.

The small models and characters of the building set continue to introduce the adventures of the superhero Batman to kids ages 4 and up. This time he has to fight supervillain Harley Quinn, who first appeared in the 1992 Batman animated series.

First, the kid needs, with the help of his parents, to assemble a two-wheeled vehicle for the main character of the story. It will be a powerful batcycle with massive wheels.

Lego has prepared a new set with Batman for kids from 4 years old

We note right away that the specialized motorcycle from the set in question is somewhat different from the cartoon version. Compared to the original, the “brick” counterpart has both wheels from a racing car. Thus, the creators of the toy made the structure more stable in an upright position. After completing this, in fact, the only build, all that remains is to equip Batman with a batarang – his famous bat-shaped throwing weapon.

At the disposal of a vengeful friend The Joker is presented with a skateboard as a vehicle, and she is armed with a large hammer, which the girl masterfully wields even during races. So it will not be easy for Batman to deal with the fearless skateboarder Harley Quinn. However, much depends on the young friend of the superhero, because it is the kid who will become the main scriptwriter of the fight between two sworn enemies.

Kit 76220 Batman v Harley Quinn will arrive in toy stores on September 1. Price: 14.99 euros.

Lego has prepared a new set with Batman for kids from 4 years old

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