“Minifigure” above 4 meters will be installed at the entrance to “Legoland”


This gigantic “minifigure” will soon welcome visitors to the world’s first new campus. Legoland in Billund, Denmark. Visually, it differs from the usual miniature figures that are found in most designers of the Danish manufacturer, only in its huge size. In all other respects, it is the most accurate reflection of a character from prefabricated toys familiar to all lovers of the “world of cubes”.

In the same time original “minifigure” with a classic smile on his face and a blue cap on his head has individual characteristics. So, in comparison with the many models and figures placed on the territory of this amusement park earlier, it was not recreated from the plastic of Lego sets. The model is built on a metal frame with standard shapes applied to it. This guarantees the reliability, stability and safety of the gigantic structure.

Recall that the original opening of the new campus was planned in 2021. However, construction work has been put on hold due to the coronavirus. Now construction continues and in the near future additional entertainment centers will begin to receive all visitors. “Legoland”.


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