Miniature LEGO Polybags expected


In 2022, lovers of the “world of bricks” are waiting for the influx of the smallest sets in the history of Lego. At least there are already announcements on 19 similar mini-constructors. The main distinguishing feature of the new LEGO Polybags series will be the packaging: the parts of the modular toy are placed in a plastic bag instead of the usual boxes.

It is clear that they will consist of a small number of building “bricks”.

LEGO Polybags Tiny Mini-Sets Coming Soon

According to Western bloggers, in terms of content, most of them will complement existing thematic worlds or represent miniature versions of large models from standard Lego constructors.

At the same time, the first releases of mini-assemblies will cover such thematic lines as Star Wars, Ninjago, City, Technician, Minecraft and other popular series. This approach shows the desire of the Danish company to interest the new line, first of all, all potential consumers.

LEGO Polybags Tiny Mini-Sets Coming Soon

Note that the Danish manufacturer has produced similar mini-constructors before. However, in most cases, they acted as free attachments to large sets or were given as gifts to those buyers of Lego products who purchased sets for a certain amount. Now they will represent products equivalent to other designers.

When exactly will these little sets arrive? There is no exact information about this yet. It is only known that they were announced for the first half of 2022.

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