Millennium Falcon mini set with LEGO Star Wars magazine


English buyers January issue of LEGO Star Wars Magazine, which is published by the British company Immediate Media, pleased with another bonus. They’ve managed to complete their home collections with a new Imperial Stormtrooper minifigure. The buildable toy went to construction fans as a traditional free supplement to the print edition.

A miniature figurine of a soldier of the Empire will be an excellent exhibit of the thematic “star” exposition. It also has a practical application: for example, it will help expand the composition of the attack aircraft unit included in the package of a massive walker from the 75313 LEGO AT-AT constructor. Moreover, it really lacks such characters due to the limited number, although up to 30 armed fighters can freely fit inside the combat vehicle.

The lucky owners of the new minifigure have shared online what they expect from Star Wars next month. On the back cover of the magazine there is an announcement, from which it is clear that the February issue will include the Millennium Falcon mini-construction set as a free gift. The assembled model of the famous starship will turn out to be small, because the set consists of only 41 parts. However, the modular toy will arouse some interest among many fans of the “world of cubes”. Especially among those who cannot afford to purchase original Lego sets due to the high cost.


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