Marvel robots will return to sale, the release of “Titan” is postponed


At the end of last year, unexpectedly for many fans of the Marvel series, from the range official online stores “Lego” 3 announced themed packs disappeared. These are previously declared constructors LEGO Marvel: 76202 Wolverine’s Mech Armor, 76203 “Iron Man Mech Armor” and 76204 Black Panther Fur Armor. management explained its decision by finding “stability problems” in the prefabricated models.

Some commentators then suggested that these robots are unlikely to be back on sale. Fortunately, they were wrong: the other day, all 3 sets reappeared in toy stores. April 1, 2022 has been announced as the new launch date for the 3 superhero robot sets, including an all-new Wolverine minifigure.

Amid this exciting news, the LEGO Group has announced that the release of the new 76980 LEGO Overwatch 2 Titan building set has been indefinitely delayed. Its release was scheduled for February 1. This time, the removal of the announced set from production is not at all due to some technical problems in the design of the model. The problem was that Lego’s business partner, Activision Blizzard, the developer of the original Overwatch video game and at the same time a direct participant in the development of the new constructor, was at the center of a big scandal. Employees of the company have filed a lawsuit alleging that Activision Blizzard’s management engages in discriminatory employment practices; maintains a shared culture of “brotherhood”; tolerates and encourages sexual misconduct directed against female employees.

It is clear that the release of the announced set during the litigation associated with the main partner of the line would not be the best decision for Lego. This, first of all, would have a negative impact on the business reputation of the Danish company. Most of Activision Blizzard’s partners have distanced themselves from her even earlier, as the scandal originated back in 2019. But the LEGO Group, for some reason, continued to cooperate with her until the last moment.

3 Marvel robots are back and the release of Titan is postponed indefinitely


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