Life-sized Lego McLaren car

The Lego company again surprised with its grandiose possibilities in copying real racing cars. This time I decided to amaze the participants and spectators of the Grand Prix, held in Australia. A unique model of a British car was put on public display Life size McLaren.

To build such a copy of the Formula 1 car participant, a team of 27 people was involved. But even so many people took 1893 hours to work on the original project!

During construction, they took as a basis a toy copy created from the details of a recent constructor 42141 LEGO Technic “McLaren. Formula 1”. By the way, this set immediately became a bestseller and was practically sold out in just one day. It seems that now he has completely disappeared from the shelves of toy stores for a long time. In all the world’s online trading platforms, the set is listed as “temporarily out of stock”.

The peculiarity of the enlarged version of the racing car should be attributed to the fact that its creators paid more attention to the most accurate reflection of the system elements.

English Formula 1 drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris presented a model from the designer 42141 LEGO Technic McLaren. Formula 1″. Now they are also the first to “test” a life-size replica of the racing car.

42141 LEGO Technic McLaren.  Formula 1

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