Legoland to open Mythica ride in German Legoland

The unique attraction LEGO Mythica with mythical creatures in Legoland in Windsor, UK will soon lose its status as the only one in the world. This became clear after the sensational news from Germany spread online.

The fact is that the management of Legoland in the Bavarian city of Günzburg announced that by the beginning of the 2023 season, the same theme zone would open in the amusement park. Until now, the start of work on the implementation of the project was kept secret, although construction has long been in full swing. The official press release states that the construction site has unfolded between the “Land of the Pharaohs” and the “Royal Castle” of the German “Legoland” resort village. More than 15.5 million euros will be invested in the grandiose project.

The new attraction

– With LEGO MYTHICA, a whole new themed world will appear in our park. The remaining ten areas are more focused on classic themes such as pirates, knights, adventurers or LEGO City,” says Manuela Stone, CEO of LEGOLAND, “We can now also offer our guests a themed area that stimulates creativity and imagination where there are no rules and regulations.

According to the director, “Mythica” symbolizes a world in which creatures created in home children’s rooms come to life. Some of these fantastic animals will find their way into the new LEGOLAND themed section as stunning models. lego real size. Flying lions, one-eyed trolls, peacock-feathered dogs, multi-colored unicorns, and many others live here. In general, especially impressionable lovers of designers should be prepared in advance for such “terrible” meetings.

The new attraction

The real highlight of the Mythica attraction (by the way, the eleventh in a row in this family amusement park) promises to be a completely new and breathtaking roller coaster. Suffice it to say that there are none of these in any other Legoland in the world.

Roller coaster will completely encircle the theme area LEGO Mythica, as if separating its borders. The main feature of the slides is that, unlike the usual versions that are installed in most Legolands in the world, they are initially focused not only on children, but also on older visitors. Therefore, the famous loops are included in the design of the slides, allowing you to ride upside down. Little kids will not be forgotten either – there are slides for the kids, a playground with no less exciting rides.

PS In September, a set of 40556 LEGOLAND Mythica. With this buildable toy, you can get a general idea of ​​the models and inhabitants of the thematic world. The Danish construction kit manufacturer dedicated it to the English version of LEGO Mythica, which is now in operation in Windsor.

The new attraction

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