LEGO will stop making MINDSTORMS robots


The Danish company Lego is ending production of the LEGO MINDSTORMS line of prefabricated sets. This is sad and rather unexpected news for all fans of technical designers. Just last week we talked about the successful return to the sale of the set 51515 LEGO MINDSTORMS Inventor Robot. By the way, now he is in the top 10 most popular Lego sets. And now it is officially announced that the project with prefabricated robots is closing.

Fans of interactive toys of the popular series will no longer see any new products on store shelves. Therefore, they only had a chance to buy the named constructor and 2 more technical sets of the LEGO Technic series: 88016 “Powered UP: Big Power Functions Hub” and 88018 “Powered UP: Medium Angle Motor Power Functions”. In addition, the LEGO BOOST building and programming kit is currently available under number 17101. From its parts, you can also create and program 5 multifunctional robotic models.

It is expected that the LEGO MINDSTORMS line, which for 24 years has presented fans of tech sets with the opportunity to create interactive toys with their own hands, will be replaced with something more modern. However, all this is still only at the level of conjecture.

It is also reported that the special application LEGO MINDSTORMS will remain available at least until the end of 2024, and then it will cease to exist. So with the disappearance of the program in 2025, there may be another big problem for fans of the series: all purchased LEGO Mindstorms sets will become useless, since they work with this particular application.

LEGO MINDSTORMS robots discontinued in 2023

The closure of the LEGO MINDSTORMS project, some commentators associated with the last constructor 51515 LEGO MINDSTORMS Inventor Robot. After its introduction in 2020, it was heavily criticized. Basically, complaints were made about the lack of technically advanced developments. It was also indicated that in some moments the newly-minted models turned out even worse than their predecessors. The Lego company was reproached for the fact that if in 1998 it was ahead of its time with its first robotic set, then the last one demonstrated that it was clearly lagging behind modern technologies for creating prefabricated robot toys.

As you know, hope dies last. Most bloggers in the official statement of the Danish manufacturer saw the desire of LEGO to keep the MINDSTORMS brand. Perhaps the thematic world is waiting for a reboot. Many fans and parents want to believe in an alternative perspective, because the line kits for thousands of boys and girls, starting from the age of 6, became the first step towards their acquaintance with the basics of programming languages. At the same time, they learned while assembling their own robot, which they could then use a special application to make dance, play sports, and beat the drum.

In general, the popular series really opened the doors to the world of computer technology for children. It is simply impossible to overestimate the educational value of the MINDSTORMS series in this regard.

LEGO MINDSTORMS robots discontinued in 2023


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