LEGO will release a set with a gingerbread house

In different thematic lines Lego designers quite often present New Year and Christmas sets. However, for some reason, such construction sets appear extremely rarely in the Duplo series for kids. The last “New Year’s” set with the main character of the New Year holidays, Santa Claus, came out already in 2017.

And now, after 5 years, they decided to fill this unacceptable gap. In September, the premiere release of a new play set for toddlers is expected. 10976 LEGO DUPLO Santa’s Gingerbread House. So parents of two-year-old construction fans will have the opportunity to prepare a very interesting and informative gift for their children by the New Year 2023 and Christmas. However, it can be presented to any other event, such as a birthday.

The game location is built around Santa’s cozy, snow-covered gingerbread house. The winter hut model is a building with dimensions:

  • more than 25 cm in height,
  • 17 cm wide,
  • 10 cm deep.

On the high facade of the house, Christmas decorations and festive paraphernalia of the New Year are hung.

According to the plot of the toy team, a boy and a girl came to visit Santa Claus to celebrate Christmas together. To create a festive atmosphere, the kit includes:

  • forest beauty tree – boxes with New Year’s gifts are hidden under its branches;
  • there is a chair, a kettle, a plate of cakes, so that after playing snowballs and with a teddy bear, the guys can warm up with a cup of hot tea and sweet treats.

A fabulous location will help parents organize the first acquaintance of their kids with Santa Claus. It’s no secret that seeing him without prior preparation, many children may be frightened. Also with this set, you can tell the kids about other features of the New Year holiday.

Constructor for kids 10976 LEGO DUPLO Santa’s Gingerbread House Includes 50 pieces and 2 minifigures. Price: 34.99 euros.

Lego Santa's Gingerbread House for the Littlest Fans

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