Lego will release 2 tech sets by the end of summer

In august set fans Lego will be able to purchase 2 very interesting and entertaining models from a series of prefabricated “technical” toys. This became known to fans from the announcement in the catalog, so the information is more than reliable.

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New #1 – 42144 LEGO Technic Material Handler

So the first set 42144 LEGO Technic Material Handler will allow you to build a large model of a mobile crane. The photo shows that it is a powerful car with a lifting unit, which is placed on a car chassis. This gives him a high speed of movement from one production site to another. That is why this technique is in great demand, and the game model has excellent gaming potential.

The assembly toy almost exactly reflects the real prototype:

  • the stability of the crane is ensured by retractable four “legs”;
  • the tower of the lifting installation is deployed in a circle;
  • The telescopic boom with tongs is equipped with pneumatic cylinders.

All this suggests that the toy will fully simulate the work of the crane.

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New #2 – 42145 LEGO Technic Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter

Second set 42145 LEGO Technic Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter will definitely appeal to fans of aircraft. And not only because the model presented in it is an exact copy of the original rotorcraft. It could not be otherwise, because the project of the toy was developed under the official license of Airbus. The most striking element in this toy for many will be the impressive size of the toy helicopter. Imagine, the length of the assembled model alone will be 72 cm!

It was the scale dimensions of the model that made it possible for the creators of the toy copy to demonstrate in detail the features of the real Airbus H175 rescue helicopter.

Connoisseurs of technical kits are already looking forward to these new items, hoping that their expectations will be justified. And we, in turn, will try to make more detailed reviews of these designers with photos.

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