LEGO will release 2 minifigure collections

We have already reported that in the summer-autumn, the release of two collectible sets with figures of characters from popular Lego series is expected. Now the network has official photos of sets with accurate information on the composition of the heroes. Therefore, there is an opportunity to get a little acquainted with the branded version of these collections.

Let’s talk about them in order of receipt on store shelves.

71410 LEGO Mario 5 Character Collection

Two collections of miniature LEGO figures coming soon

The fifth series of Super Mario figures will be practically new for Mario fans in many ways. So, for the first time, the figurines of the collectible set will be presented in separate boxes. The number of parts is increased from 29 to 47 pieces. Accordingly, the figures of the characters will become noticeably larger in size.

Less pleasant changes concern the total number of characters presented in the fifth collection: there are 8 of them instead of the previous 10. At the same time, for each doll in an individual box, you will have to pay 5.99 euros, which is 2 euros more expensive than the cost. But in this case, this has nothing to do with the announced increase in prices for Lego products. The manufacturer announced this change a few months ago, that is, long before the announcement of a new pricing policy.

Along with all this, the exact list of characters that are included in the new collection is now known. The creators of the kit offer to supplement the starter and expansion kits LEGO Super Mario (71360, 71387 or 71403) with the following heroes:

  • Mopsy,
  • purple frog,
  • Brother of the Hammer
  • Coward, Magikupa,
  • Red Yoshi,
  • Blue Shy Guy,
  • Yellow baby Yoshi.

It immediately becomes clear that the first acquaintance is expected with some of them. But all of them will help to create new stories and solve problems during an interactive game.

Kit 71410 LEGO Mario 5 Character Collection will go on sale August 1, 2022

Two collections of miniature LEGO figures coming soon

Lego Minifigures 71034 Series 23

Two collections of miniature LEGO figures coming soon

As always, the composition of the characters in the collectible set will turn out to be very diverse. 71034 Series 23 with Lego minifigures. It will feature 12 heroes of the “world of cubes”. In addition to the Nutcracker, Sugar Fairy, Christmas Elf, Ferry Captain, Yellow Castle Knight and Snowman, there are figures dressed as Green Dragon, Deer, Turkey, Robot, Popcorn and Wolf. Based on this list, as well as the costumes of the characters, it can be concluded that the collection in question is dedicated to a company that met at a New Year’s costume party.

Buyers will see this set on store shelves on September 1, 2022. The price of one minifigure is 3.99 euros.

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