Lego will have a brand new theme in 2022


A completely new theme, tentatively called “Coconut”, has become the subject of discussion on sites dedicated to Lego constructors. The reason for this was the message of the user “Instragram” under the nickname 1414falconfan. It was he who said that in the Spanish online store electricBricks 4 constructors announced under the articles 75571, 75572, 75573 and 75574which the Danish company is due to release in October.

The intrigue arose due to the fact that absolutely nothing else is known about these sets. Commentators assume that we are talking about constructors of a completely new theme, because they do not fit into any of the existing thematic directions by the numbers given.

Speculation has been made that this may be a short-term license line associated with the return of cult films to the silver screen. According to the first version, they are built on the long-awaited sequel to James Cameron’s Avatar, which is scheduled to premiere in December 2022. Supporters of the second version suggest that they are dedicated to the plot of the fifth film about the adventures of Indiana Jones, the launch of which was postponed to June 2023.

The code word “Coconut” speaks in favor of the latter option. Commentators pay attention to the fact that in the video game known to many fans Lego Indiana Jones 2 it is coconuts that become the “heroes” of tasks. And there are exactly 4 of them, which corresponds to the number of new designers. Users consider such coincidences to be non-random and look forward to new information.

devoted to the plot of the fifth film about the adventures of Indiana Jones


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