LEGO will change the size and price of collectible figures

Another new wave of designers Lego Super Mario will hit toy stores in August. It is reported that not only an expansion to the previous Mario game system is expected, but also collectible minifigures in set number 71410.

It is already known that this set will include:

  • Blue Shy Guy,
  • Hammer Bro,
  • nabbit,
  • purple frog,
  • Red Yoshi,
  • sycophant
  • waddling wing,
  • Yellow Baby Yoshi.

Thus, a total of 8 figures are expected instead of the usual 10. At the same time, the reduction in the number of heroes may well be accompanied by a reduction in related items. It is likely that the additions in the form of small vignettes and code tiles that accompanied figures from previous releases will disappear.

To the nice feature of the set 71410 with collectible Mario figures It should be noted that for the first time the figurines will arrive packed in cardboard boxes, and not in foil bags, as it was before.

Recall that the Danish company has already dedicated 4 special issues to the characters of the popular line. However, the fifth selection, despite the above shortcomings, should arouse sincere interest among fans of the series. First of all, because earlier information appeared on the network that the new figures are significantly different from all those presented and, in comparison with them, will become large figurines. How exactly? There is no reliable information to answer this question yet. But the cost of the expected novelties is known – the price of each figure of heroes “Mario” will rise from the previous 3.99 euros to 5.99 euros.

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