Lego to open new US factory in 2025

This is what the entrance to the new Lego factory in the state will look like Virginia (USA).

Manufacturer of constructors Lego continues to systematically expand its own production base far beyond the borders of Denmark. Just a few months ago, the company announced the establishment of a plant in Vietnam, which will employ more than 4,000 people from 2024. And now the construction of another factory has been announced – in the USA.

The opening of a new Lego factory in the US is scheduled for 2025. Compared to the Vietnamese counterpart, which aims to meet the needs of the growing Asian market, the American plant is designed to serve the domestic market.

The new factory will use the most advanced technologies of today in the molding, processing and packaging of LEGO products. But most notably, it will be designed to operate entirely as a carbon-neutral enterprise. 100% of production energy needs are planned to be covered by renewable sources generated by the local solar park. Simply put, solar panels will become the main source of energy for the plant, and the use of non-renewable resources will be minimized.

It is appropriate to recall that a LEGO factory with 300 staff members was recently operating in the United States, but in 2007 it “moved” to neighboring Mexico. So the new factory is basically the return of the Danish manufacturer to the US. Moreover, the return is very expensive: the company plans to invest in construction, which starts this fall, more than $1 billion. The project provides for the construction of production facilities for injection molding machines, processing and packaging of sets, storage facilities with a total area of ​​160,000 square meters.

It is expected that after the start of operation within 10 years, the plant will provide more than 1,760 new jobs. That is, the number of employees of the Danish manufacturer in the United States will increase significantly, more precisely by more than 50%, because now in the group lego employs about 2,600 Americans.

So, the plant in Virginia will become the seventh factory after the opening LEGO Group in the world and second in the Americas. At present, the Mexican factory mentioned above provides the American market with Lego constructors. By the way, it will also be expanded and modernized in order to meet the growing demand for the products of the Danish company. This was especially acute during the COVID-19 restrictions, when the local market was unable to fully satisfy the demands of Americans for prefabricated toys.

Lego plans to open a new factory in the US in 2025

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