LEGO Technic Material Handler Shock

Play set developers 42144 LEGO Technic Material Handler decided to please fans of design with a fairly new ohm of specialized equipment. In general, this model continues the line of prefabricated toys with pneumatics, which, by the way, is not produced every year by the Danish company.

Last year, a similar model was presented in a set 42128 LEGO Technic Cargo Excavator. True, the novelty under consideration is significantly inferior to it in terms of the number of parts by more than two times. However, the cost is more expensive by 10 euros. But let’s first get acquainted with the manufacturer’s model.

The most difficult thing in the constructor 42144 LEGO Technic Material Handler perhaps the fact that its owner will have to build a rather rare modification of special equipment. In appearance, the design strongly resembles a mobile wheeled crane with a characteristic layout:

  • frame on four powerful wheels with outriggers at the corners,
  • standard cab,
  • counterweight and long boom on a rotating platform.

The main difference from conventional cranes and the main highlight of the technique in question is the original lifting mechanism at the end of the lifting boom. This device is a gripping claw. Full functionality is provided by a small yellow cylinder located inside the lever and connected to the beam. When lowered, it opens the claws of the ingenious “crane” mechanism, and when raised, it closes them.

It should be noted that all pneumatics work well for the material handler. At the same time, it is important that all three pneumatic cylinders (two large and one small) are very neatly integrated into the overall design of the toy. Therefore, everything looks natural and realistic. On such equipment, the child will be able to load cargo of various types and sizes.

“An attractive model that is a pleasure to build and play with, but, unfortunately, it’s hard not to pay attention to the price” – such a verdict was given to the designer 42144 LEGO Technic Material Handler one of the popular bloggers. Although the price of $ 149.99 really shocked fans of “technical” kits.

Most of the users expected that even taking into account the announced Lego price increase, a novelty can be purchased 2 times cheaper. In fact, it turns out that one part of the model costs 18 cents, while in the constructor mentioned at the beginning of the review 42128 LEGO Technic Cargo Excavator it was 7.9 cents. It is impossible to blame everything on the high cost of pneumatics – it is used in both models. Thus, now many fans of the “world of cubes” face one question: to buy or not to buy? Although, of course, the model from the new designer looks very tempting.

What shocked the designer

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