LEGO Super Mario Summer Sets 2022

As we already reported, seven new sets of the series are expected to be released in August LEGO Super Mario. In the game set of one of them, Princess Peach makes her debut in the “world of cubes” for the first time.

Along with the arrival of this unique miniature figure, buyers of the upcoming building sets will also find other surprises. This becomes especially clear after the recent trailer for the new Super Mario sets. It demonstrates the intricacies of assembling models. At the same time, close attention is paid toPrincess Peach interactive action figuremore precisely, the abilities of the new character in the game.

The video does a great job of showing what she can do. For example, the princess easily dodges a projectile flying at her by an enemy, thanks to which she is able to defeat the enemy in a duel. Peach’s range of reactions, completely new for interactive figurines, is quite interesting.

In addition, in the thematic novelties, the former characters will become noticeably more functional. For example, they will be able to sit on the throne, sway, eat fruit and much more.

In general, an interesting trend can be seen in the August designers of LEGO Super Mario. It seems that the developers of game kits have focused no longer on shapes and design of characters and models, but on functionality. Such a peculiar approach can complement and significantly expand the interactive gaming system.

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