Lego Star Wars License Extended

One of the most popular series of kits from the Danish company “Star Wars” will be produced at least until the early 2030s. This came to light after reports that Lego has renewed its general license, which allows the manufacturer to use stories from the original films in the development of brick projects. The old agreement just expired in 2022.

The new license, like the previous one, is issued for 10 years. It is reported that there have been almost no changes in relation to the line for the release of collectible miniature figures of LEGO Star Wars heroes and characters. Added to the agreement is the inclusion of all the intellectual property of Disney, which also makes Star Wars-themed cartoons. Along with Star Wars, thematic areas are also included in the license Frozen, Buzz Lightyear, Marvel and The Muppets.

All in all, the renewal of licensed Star Wars themed sets is not surprising. It is justified and mutually beneficial for all parties. As a result of the deal, producers of motion pictures and animated films will receive an increase in the advertising promotion of their screen works, and Lego – the ability to produce themed construction sets, which, despite the updates of generations of construction fans, are still in high demand among fans of the “world of cubes” at all ends of the globe.

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