LEGO sets will become more expensive in 2022!


In January 2022, the price increase for LEGO sets is expected. This will affect sets of all thematic series, from Duplo and Girlfriends to Star Wars and Technic, regardless of the “age” and popularity of the line.

The cost of new buildable toys will also increase, for example, the recently released heavy duty tow truck under the article number 42128, which will rise in price by several euros. So far, there is data on 30 specific constructors for which the issue of increasing the cost has already been resolved.

The main reason for the increase in prices is probably that from January 1 of the new year, the so-called optional retail prices (MSRP) and related purchase prices will have to be agreed in the European Union. It is expected that this approach will make them uniform throughout the continent and allow buyers from all European countries to purchase goods at the same price. Now residents of the Netherlands and France, for example, have to pay more than construction enthusiasts from Germany.

Most bloggers weren’t happy with this “price” news. Many do not understand why the Danish company is taking such a step, even if in the last “covid” year it was among the few European manufacturers that managed to make a profit of 1.3 billion euros. There is also an opinion that the increase in prices will only play into the hands of competitors of the leading manufacturer of Lego-constructors from Asian countries.


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