LEGO sets for development and learning of toddlers

June sets for the little ones in the “Duplo” series will be an excellent option for productive activities. They will allow children to create prefabricated toys with their own hands and at the same time get acquainted with the world around them. Thus, the products of the Danish manufacturer will turn into excellent didactic material.

With the help of these sets in a game format, you can easily activate the cognitive activity of the child. In addition, the assembly itself is an excellent finger gymnastics that contributes to the development of the baby’s speech.

Parents and kids will definitely love the designer 10977 LEGO DUPLO My First Puppy and Kitten (with sound)which is suitable for children from 1.5 years. From plastic elements, figurines of pets are assembled, which are usually introduced to children at a very early age. Therefore, the creation of toys in their form will cause increased interest in the baby. Moreover, it is assumed that the puppy will be able to bark, and the kitten – meow.

Kit 10977 LEGO DUPLO My First Puppy and Kitten (with sound) consists of 22 parts. Price: 39.99 euros (2654 rubles)

Excellent didactic material for activities with toddlers in LEGO sets

The remaining sets of the June selection are intended for kids aged 2 years and older. Of particular interest are the constructors representing the territorial fauna of our planet. For example, set 10971 LEGO DUPLO African Wildlife (10 parts. Price 9.99 euros or 663 rubles) will give the child figurines of a giraffe and an elephant, and the designer 10972 LEGO DUPLO Ocean Wildlife (32 parts. Price 19.99 euros or 1326 rubles) – a whale with a whale, a sea turtle and fish.

Excellent didactic material for activities with toddlers in LEGO sets

prefabricated kit 10973 LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals of South America (71 parts. Price 49.99 euros or 3317 rubles) will introduce the baby to representatives of the wildlife of the South American continent. The set includes figures: monkeys, tigers, crocodiles and parrots.

Constructor 10974 LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals of Asia will take the baby to the Asian fauna with elephants, tigers, monkeys and pandas, which lives only in China. The package includes 117 parts. The price is 99.99 euros (6635 rubles).

Excellent didactic material for activities with toddlers in LEGO sets

The largest in volume (142 parts) and the most expensive (129.99 euros or 8630 rubles) will be a set 10975 LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals of the World. By the name it is clear that the most famous representatives of the animal world of our entire planet are included in the composition. To some extent, here in one box are collected figurines of wild animals, which were presented in all previously considered designers. Although there are new ones, for example, a polar bear, deer, penguins, lions.

Excellent didactic material for activities with toddlers in LEGO sets

Among the June sets for little building lovers there is also a purely play set. The assembled location and characters from the 10963 LEGO DUPLO Spider-Man and Friends Fun Adventure set will give you the opportunity to take part in exciting adventures with the world’s most famous superhero.

Kit 10963 LEGO DUPLO Spider-Man & Friends Fun Adventure consists of 41 parts. Price: 49.99 euros (3317 rubles).

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