Lego sets came out with a delay of six months

In the list of Lego summer novelties, construction fans paid special attention to 2 sets: 40519 LEGO Creator New York Postcard and 40654 LEGO Creator Postcard from Beijing. The point here is that these “brick” postcards in 3D format with attractions American and Chinese capitals were supposed to appear on store shelves in early January. However, after the official announcement, they were unexpectedly removed from the January assortment.

All this was done without explanation of the reasons for the postponement of the premiere. Therefore, now Lego fans are trying to find out on their own what grounds there were for that. The comparison showed that, in general, both postcards retained the compositional structure and buildings reflected earlier.

The difference was revealed only in the Beijing postcard – in the new edition, the flagpole with the Chinese flag was removed from the model. It is suggested that the reason for this was not quite the correct image of the flag. In the original Chinese flag, each prong of the four small stars points exactly towards the center of the large star. The designers of the Danish company failed to get an identical pattern for the sticker.

Perhaps, due to the changes made, the developers of the Beijing postcard offer it under a new number – it was 40520became 40654.

According to omniscient bloggers, New York City (with the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the One World Trade Center) and Beijing (with a fragment of the Great Wall and the Summer Palace) landmark sets are due out on July 1, 2022. The cost of both sets, presumably, is 14.99 euros.

These Lego sets were supposed to come out six months ago.

Comparative shot of the old and new versions of the model from the “Postcard from Beijing” set.

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