Lego set with evil Rancor from Star Wars movie


Rumors are being discussed among Western bloggers that among the characters of the expected set 75326 LEGO Star Wars: The Boba Fett Bookmay appear Rancor figurine.

For the first time, this formidable creature in the “world of cubes” made its debut in the constructor 75005 LEGO Rancor Pit in 2013. So there are more than enough reasons to remind about the existence of such a character. Therefore, the news about the second entry into the “brick arena” of the vindictive villain is perceived by many as quite reliable.

According to a fan of greekbricks from Instagram, Rancor will appear before us in a slightly updated form. So his images given in this information are only reminiscent of the character, but in no way correspond to his image in the expected set. The author of the post explains the inevitability of transformations by the fact that the figurine of the villain must correspond to the latest model of Jabba’s palace.

75005 LEGO Rancor Pit

Probably, the Rancor figurine will not repeat its predecessor in terms of manufacturing materials either: most likely, it will be assembled from standard parts. First of all, because the stucco elements used in the above-mentioned set were later excluded from the arsenal of Lego constructors. This assumption is also supported by the fact that in recent years the specialists of the Danish company have learned to perfectly recreate the images of various fantastic creatures literally from standard materials.

How credible are the rumors about the return of the Rancor? We will learn about this from the official sources of the LEGO Group at the end of December.


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