LEGO set prices to rise in August

Construction fans Lego anxiously awaiting the approaching August 2022. And all this is due to the increase in prices for their products announced by the Danish company.

The prefabricated kit manufacturer informed consumers in advance, pointing out that the reason for the increase is global inflation and rising costs of doing business. Residents of the countries of North and South America in the Asia-Pacific region will be the first to feel the increasing changes in the cost of constructors. As for fans of the “world of cubes” from Europe and the Middle East, their price increase for sets will only affect them in September 2022.

In general, the already gloomy tension is created by the fact that the manufacturer lego has not yet published official information about the specific positions of designers, the prices of which will rise in price. Therefore, construction fans a few days before next month have to continue to be content with the data provided by thematic bloggers. For example, Jay’s Brick’s blog recently posted a list of 60 construction sets that will be sold in Singapore’s LEGO Certified Store in August at an updated price tag.

Another publication confirmed the assumption that the price increase will primarily affect the cost of a large number of 18+ category sets. This list includes prefabricated kits intended for adult consumers. The cost of such exclusive designers will also increase, such as:

  • 80039 LEGO Monkie Kid Sky Realms,
  • 10294 LEGO Titanic,
  • 10303 LEGO ICONS Rollercoaster.

Lego prices to rise in August

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