Lego releases new sets with trains

Already on June 1, 2022, 2 new items from the “Railway” theme will appear on sale. One of them, a new freight train, we have already mentioned in previously published messages. However, the information then was at the level of rumors and with very fuzzy pictures. Now everything has been confirmed on the official websites of the Danish company.

Moreover, it turned out that along with a freight train, a passenger express train is also being produced. So design fans have a choice between two types of rail transport.

60336 LEGO City Freight Train

Let’s start with the constructor 60336 LEGO City Freight Train, which consists of 1153 parts and will be sold at a price of 179.99 euros (12,797 rubles) The developers offer 7-year-old boys to build a controlled freight train with a modern tractor with their own hands. The toy is equipped with an electric motor and a PoweredUp hub. This allows the child to control a long vehicle using a familiar remote control or through a special application installed on a smartphone.

The total length of the railway, which is assembled from 33 straight and rounded rail elements, is 147 centimeters. The train set is a model of a train with a locomotive and three wagons of various modifications attached to it. This train can carry containers with a variety of cargo, as well as cars.

For a realistic recreation of loading and unloading operations, a telescopic loader and 6 miniature figures are included in the package of the game location.

What will be the play location? You can get an answer to this question by looking at the photos on the back of the branded box.

The railroad of the

60337 LEGO City High Speed ​​Train

A set with a passenger express model will be smaller than a freight train. Includes 764 pieces and 6 minifigures. The price of the combined toy is 149.99 euros (40,664 rubles).

The high-speed train model is also remotely controlled thanks to the motorization of the locomotive. The passenger train includes 2 carriages. By the way, the cars of the new modification – for the first time in history Lego they are made with opening doors.

The set of the game location includes a copy of a small stop. It is a small platform with a bench next to a green tree and a billboard with a timetable and a laugh map of the railroad networks. At the half-station, four passengers are waiting for the arrival of the train, and one of the travelers is in a wheelchair.

The railroad of the

60335 LEGO City Station

Both of the constructors discussed above make it possible to build autonomous game locations. However, in the LEGO City line of sets in June, another buildable set close to them in terms of thematic content is expected. It’s about the constructor. 60335 LEGO City Train Station (907 parts, 6 minifigures. Price 79.99 euros (5687 rubles)).

Already by the name it is clear that it can be a great addition to the game location with a passenger train, significantly expanding its boundaries to create a realistic “picture”.

The railroad of the

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