Lego released the Ministry of Magic set for the first time

June will be marked by a real find for fans of the construction and adventures of the young magician and wizard. For the first time in the history of line sets “Harry Potter” comes out such an authentic model of the headquarters famous from the movie in a set 76403 LEGO Harry Potter Ministry of Magic.

As the authors of the project assure, the copy really recreates the prototype in its original form. So fans of Harry Potter will become the owners of a unique gaming location with familiar settings and characters.

The dimensions of the three-story prefabricated model will be 31 cm in height and 21 cm in length and width. The structure is being built using modular technology, so if necessary it can be disassembled into separate parts, and also divided into two halves, opening the building like a book. As a result, access to the interior of the Ministry of Magic opens up, namely to the offices of Dolores Umbridge and Arthur Weasley, to the halls of prophecy and judgment.

The game set also includes accessories and items from the legendary movie:

  • red phone booth
  • stacks of the Daily Prophet,
  • cat Patronus Umbridge,
  • 2 detonator decoys and a Slytherin medallion Horcrux.

Realistic items and details, together with the main characters included in the set, make it possible to accurately recreate the episode with the visit of young heroes to the Ministry of Magic for the Slytherin medallion.

An impressive feature of the Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley minifigures is that when they turn their heads and the new hairpiece, they magically transform into Albert Runcorn, Mafalda Hopkirk and Reg Cattermole.

Manufacturers are sure that with such an entertaining designer, very impressive role-playing games await any child.

The Ministry of Magic set will be released for the first time in the 20-year history of the Harry Potter series

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