LEGO reimagined relaxing puzzles for adults: an interview with the designer of the art line


LEGO has launched a new series of sets — puzzles that fold into pictures and hang on the wall. It is positioned as a relaxing leisure activity for adults. Land of LEGO telegram channel host Alexander Kanygin asked LEGO Art designer Samuel Lilthorpe Johnson about what the new series consists of.

— The main question is: where were you a couple of months ago, when self-isolation began and a huge number of people were sitting at home?

“To be honest, we also thought inside the company that it would be great to launch early, but who could have predicted all this.

— Do I understand correctly that LEGO Art is something like a puzzle?

— Yes, a puzzle, or, if you like, a mosaic. Unlike the usual LEGO sets — castles, trains and spaceships — these are wall paintings that you assemble yourself. Meditation lesson for our older audience. In general, such Dots (a set in which bracelets and caskets are designed by the designer. — Note. ed.) for adults who are tired of the office, business meetings, traffic jams.

— Can you collect anything or are there any templates?

There will be four sets first. Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol, portraits of The Beatles, the Sith Lords from Star Wars, and an Iron Man set. One set will have several build options, if you get tired of John Lennon, you can replace him with Sir James Paul McCartney. Naturally, you can buy several boxes, collect different characters and hang them side by side. Or combine the works into one ultimate mural: from the portraits of Darth Vader, Darth Maul and Kylo Ren, for example, a full-length figure of Lord Vader is obtained. And all versions with Iron Man are combined into one giant canvas with a flying hero.

“Honestly, it all looks like a standard set of posters: rock stars, pop art and geeky superheroes. Do you plan to do something with Banksy or Billy Eilish? Or maybe an eight-bit retro canvas?

“This is just a starter line with which we want to show the possibilities of LEGO Art. The main idea is that a person can feel like a part of his favorite art, whether it is cinema or a performer. So yes, in the future we will have a variety of topics.

“People can also assemble similar paintings from their own parts that they have left from other sets.

They will be missing some important pieces of the puzzle. For example, at the heart of the paintings are special platforms that can be connected to each other indefinitely. That is, if desired, you can assemble the canvas in the entire wall, while it can be of any shape. Who knows, maybe one day we will release round images. In addition, they have hooks for wall mounting. Another important point: for these mosaics, for the first time in a long time, we changed the tool for separating parts, now it looks more like a scraper, with which you can “remove paint” from the canvas, collecting parts.

— Do you have any recipe for the perfect assembly of such a set? What do you think it should look like? With a glass of wine, in dim light?

— Exactly! We would like to Art has become a tool for relaxation. One of. We often see adults building LEGO sets to relax. David Beckham, for example, posted a photo of a Disney castle on Instagram. LEGO Art is not just pieces in a box, each instruction has a QR code that opens a podcast dedicated to a specific work. For example, the story of the Marilyn diptych: why Warhol took it on, how the work went. We made them together with experts and people from the environment of Andy Warhol or The Beatles, so that you can immerse yourself in history and feel it.

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