LEGO Puzzle Video Game Expected to Release by the End of the Year

In March 2022, a new video game LEGO Bricktales was announced at the Future Games Show. And more recently, the ClockStone studio revealed some details of the novelty in a small trailer. It is expected that before the end of this year there will be versions of the video game for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.

The developers of this exciting project invite gamers to go on an epic trip around the world through fantastic biomes. By the name of the brickwork puzzle game, it becomes clear that they have to create the entire virtual game location, as well as solve various problems with the help of familiar details. Lego. Dioramas will turn out to be very attractive and inspiring for new creativity.

For example, along with a small assistant robot, the player will be asked to help grandfather rebuild an old amusement park. The player will visit a total of six different worlds, each of which is characterized by its own unique biome with a variety of puzzles. The scope of tasks is quite extensive – from the construction of decorative structures to experiments in physics.

Gamers are waiting for impenetrable thickets of the jungle, and the sun-dried sands of endless deserts, and the streets of busy cities. He will visit the inside of a formidable medieval castle and the tropical islands of the Caribbean. In whatever world the player’s fate throws them along with the minifigures, puzzles need to be solved everywhere. We’ll have to try hard and unlock the hidden skills of the characters so that they can explore the wonderful places deeper and uncover many secrets hidden in them. In general, no one will be bored.

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