LEGO Nominated for Toy of the Year 2022

In September 2022, an annual event will be held to determine the winners of the TOTY competition among toy manufacturers. Usually the best “Toy of the Year” was determined at the beginning of the year, in February, which was somewhat premature, since the nomination included products that had not yet gone on sale. Therefore, the organizers of the competition this time decided not to run ahead of the locomotive and postponed the event to autumn.

According to a long tradition, a Danish company actively participates in the annual competition Lego, especially since she always has something to show and something to brag about. Let’s take a look at the entire list of participating kits in the TOTY nominations.

2022 collectible toy

Lego Products Nominated for Prestigious Toy of the Year 2022

In the first nomination, a set of “Lego The Muppets Collectible Minifigures”. It comes with 12 nostalgic Disney characters.

Among them:

  • Animal,
  • Cup,
  • Dr. Banzen Honeydew,
  • fozzie bear,
  • gonzo,
  • frog kermit,
  • miss Piggy,
  • dog Rowlf,
  • Swedish chef Statler, Waldorf and others.

Each Disney doll in this set is essentially an exclusive version. By the way, you can buy them both separately and the whole set. The figurines are of particular interest to collectors.

Construction Toy of the Year

Lego Products Nominated for Prestigious Toy of the Year 2022

In the nomination for the construction theme, the Lego company offered 2 designers.

Game set 60351 LEGO City Spaceport – created on the basis of real objects and NASA technology. With the help of its parts, a huge launch complex is being built with a 42-cm space rocket piloted by two astronauts, with a model of a planetary all-terrain vehicle.

In addition, the package includes 2 service buildings:

  • detailed observation dome,
  • flight control center.

The game location is supplemented with service equipment for transporting and loading cargo into the ship, as well as a drone. 6 miniature figures will help to arrange an exciting role-playing game.

Lego Products Nominated for Prestigious Toy of the Year 2022

The second nominee for Building Toy of the Year was a set 76217 LEGO Marvel I’m Groot, featuring one of the iconic characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The 26cm model of a small tree alien is a real treat for fans of the themed series.

The assembled figure not only looks impressive, but also … dances! Due to the fact that it can be put in a variety of poses, the owner of the toy has the opportunity to play scenes with the dances of a mischievous baby. By the way, to create an appropriate atmosphere, an imaginary cassette with music is included in the package.

Adult Toy of the Year

Lego Products Nominated for Prestigious Toy of the Year 2022

The designer became the nominee of the award among adult toys 21336 LEGO Ideas The Office, created on the basis of the author’s project – the winner of an open competition of ideas. The prefabricated set is designed based on the TV series of the same name.

The play location for adults recreates in detail the atmosphere of a large office. Including boss Michael Scott’s office, conference room, Jim and Dwight’s island table and many more characters with matching accessories and items. All this, plus the presence of 15 miniature movie characters help to realistically reproduce memorable scenes from office stories.

Game set “Toy of the Year”

Lego Products Nominated for Prestigious Toy of the Year 2022

Kit 71403 LEGO Super Mario Peach Adventure Beginner Course It is no coincidence that he was in this nomination. Because the new building kit greatly expands the themed interactive play of the popular Super Mario board version. “Fruit Fun” allows you to enjoy various tasks with gifts, from launching a lava bubble that makes it possible to throw Lemmy off the tower. You can also earn digital coins by helping Peach ride the swing and interact with the Yellow Toad.

The interactive LEGO Peach figure features:

  • color sensor, LCD screen, which displays various instantaneous reactions to movement;
  • speaker that reproduces iconic sounds and music from video games.

The novelty goes well with other thematic sets.

Car Toy of the Year

Lego Products Nominated for Prestigious Toy of the Year 2022

Lego also offered 2 of its branded products in the nomination of car toys.

First, the book “Klutty LEGO Race Cars”. It belongs to the premium brand of Klutz book-based children’s activity kits. This 64-page, step-by-step instruction book lets you build 10 Lego racing cars and a dedicated home racing track. When assembling sports car models, the guys have the opportunity to choose the color of the body color, combine and combine some details.

Lego Products Nominated for Prestigious Toy of the Year 2022

The second nominee was the designer for adults 42141 LEGO Technic McLaren Formula 1 Racing Car. Its creators propose to build a model of the legendary sports car. The 65 cm toy, along with the purely external characteristics of the car, perfectly reflects the details and is endowed with functional elements. For example, the toy car features moving V6 cylinder engine pistons, working steering, suspension and differential for precise cornering.

That’s the whole list of nominees presented by Lego for this year’s annual TOTY Toy of the Year competition. Only 5 new designers will take part in the competition. This is less than in the past. Why the Danish manufacturer was modest this time is not entirely clear. Moreover, the manufacturer of designers has a rather rich assortment of new products that could be put up for a prestigious competition.

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