LEGO Model of the Eiffel Tower Coming to Black Friday


This week, information was confirmed that the designer 10307 LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower will actually be released at the end of November. This set, featuring a giant 150cm model of the famous symbol of Paris, will be the highlight of the upcoming Black Friday, scheduled for November 25th.

Meanwhile, information about her is still scarce. Moreover, all that is known today is not official announcements, but what fans of Lego architectural sets managed to find out. That is why the description of the prefabricated tower is still only verbal, without a visual representation of the prefabricated structure. True, the other day a single photograph nevertheless leaked into the global network, but it only shows the branded box of the set. So it’s almost impossible to understand exactly how the long-awaited model of the Eiffel Tower from 10,001 dark gray “bricks” actually looks.

As for the cost of new items, it was originally assumed that it would be sold at 629.99 euros. Now it is specified that the price of the plastic giant is more expensive and will amount to 679.99 euros. It is also reported that the set for the first 3 months from the start of sales will be available exclusively in Lego branded stores.

Constructor 10307 LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower is of great interest not only to fans of the “Architecture” series, but in general to all fans of the products of the Danish manufacturer. The explanation for this is that the set will be the second largest LEGO set after World Map (31203). Plus, the model is the largest “brick” copy of the French iconic building ever created by Lego. The tower’s expected 150 cm height will put it in first place in terms of the length of the prefabricated structure. Thus, she will bypass the Titanic model, which has so far been among the leaders with a length of 1 meter 35 centimeters.

Early messages said that the set 10307 LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower will be supplemented with a free souvenir kit, from which it will be possible to build a two-room apartment by Gustave Eiffel, the author of a grandiose architectural project. This information, in general, is also confirmed.

Lego's biggest Eiffel Tower model to go on sale on Black Friday

What is an exclusive gift (only buyers of the Eiffel Tower will receive it) can be understood from the images on the branded box of a small set 40579 LEGO GWP Eiffel Apartment (228 parts).

However, instead of a two-room apartment, the model is made in the form of a vignette with a fragment of one room. Outwardly, it looks rather meager – just an elongated balcony with two telescopes installed on it. But the interior space of the apartment looks more attractive due to the good detailing of the arrangement of the living quarters. The developers have achieved this effect by including in the model:

  • desk with chair and lamp,
  • a small cabinet with a vase for flowers,
  • eiffel tower mini structures,
  • richly decorated walls (even if using stickers).

From the commentators of the gift set, the miniature figure of the owner of the apartment caused criticism. In their opinion, the presented image of Gustave Eiffel looks far from exclusive. So, there are suspicions that the character’s head actually belongs to the old Obi-Wan Kenobi from the designers of the iconic Star Wars line. And the tuxedo with a black bow tie in the “world of cubes” is known to be worn by Cedric Diggory, a Hufflepuff student from Harry Potter themed sets. Perhaps these claims are true. But in any case, all buyers will be happy with such a gift.

Lego's biggest Eiffel Tower model to go on sale on Black Friday


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