Lego minifigures will fly into space


Curious news was shared with fans of design and with its many students by the educational division Lego Education. At the beginning of February next year, a real flight into space of two miniature figures created as part of the “Assembly for Launch” educational program is scheduled.

Previously, there was only information about the project to develop astronaut character minifigures in partnership with representatives NASA and the Artemis I mission. As a result of interesting work, virtual images of astronauts appeared, who were given the names Kate and Kyle. Now literally every participant in the Lego educational program knows them.

Now these characters will be embodied in real physical minifigures that will fly to the stars. Students could only dream of such a unique completion of the educational process.

“Sending Kate and Kyle into space is the thrilling culmination of the Build to Start Learning series and truly the only real app ever for students,” said LEGO Education President Esben Sterk.

There is very little time left before this historic moment when the space mission of miniature Lego figures will become a reality. The first astronauts from the “brick world” Kate and Kyle will go to the stars aboard the Orion spacecraft, which is scheduled to launch on February 12, 2022.


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