LEGO minifigures to be placed in cardboard boxes

Instead of the soft foil bags that the minifigures are packaged in Lego currently, from September 2023, these sets will be placed in cardboard boxes. The fact that fans of design expect such major changes, officially announced by the representatives of the company.

The transition from the existing format of “blind bags” to an environmentally friendly analogue is associated with the plans of the manufacturer of designers to completely abandon single-use plastic packaging by 2025. The choice was made in favor of more sustainable and recyclable paper and cardboard packaging.

Similar modifications in some topics will start as early as 2022. So, for the first time in cardboard boxes, collectible sets with miniature figures of LEGO series 23 (71034) and Super Mario series 5 will go on sale.

When choosing a new packaging material for Lego minifigures, at least six different options were studied. Experiments since 2019 have looked at paper bags, cardboard boxes of various shapes, and packaging similar to advent calendar shelves as versions. lego. In the end, the most appreciated was the cardboard packaging, similar to the one used in the Vidiyo series, only heavily modified to avoid cases of theft, since Vidiyo Bandmates boxes are very easy to open.

Taking care of the environment, of course, is a good thing. However, some collectors are very upset by this news. Because changing the packaging material will deprive them of the special ritual of “feeling minifigures” in stores before buying a new toy. That is, the cardboard box will put an end to the important culture and tradition of buyers, which was previously advertised by the Danish company.

Most likely, this innovation will be perceived negatively by most fans. Lego miniatures are not cheap, and in the proposed completely “blind pick” format, they would have to buy a lot of “garbage” instead of the desired characters. Therefore they offer Lego Provide carton packages with an identifiable label or even a scannable QR code so you can know what’s inside the box before buying.

Lego minifigure sets will arrive in a cardboard box from September 2023

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