LEGO Marvel Goat Boat Set Coming Soon


Constructor release 76208 LEGO Marvel Goat Boat predicted by construction fans a few months ago. Thus, once again, the rumors turned out to be true. By the way, this often happens in the “world of cubes.”

The set is designed based on the film studio Marvel Thor: Love and Thunder. The flying ship of the Vikings becomes the main model – it is pulled across the sky by the legendary goats Toothscraper and Toothcreak. In terms of its size, the “Goat Boat” built from cubes turns out to be quite large. The height will be more than 10 cm, length – 43 cm, width – 12 cm.

Well, the main characters of the adventure story will be cult characters: Thor, Mighty Thor, Valkeria, Korg and Gorr. Plus, the set includes a wide variety of weapons and accessories, including Thor’s famous Thunderbolt axe. So the owner of the toy can easily reproduce the scenes of the battle on board the flying Viking ship.

The gaming location is quite saturated. The opening roof of the central cabin gives access to the inside of the ship, providing additional space. Accessories are distinguished by high realism – thanks to such a winch, a fire extinguisher, a map of New Asgard, a bottle, a sun stone and other elements, the game turns into a real creative activity.


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