“Lego” makes Easter discounts for sets

On the eve of the Easter holidays, fans of the “world of cubes” have a great opportunity to purchase Lego sets at a good discount. At the same time, among them there are designers from such popular lines as Star Wars, Technician and Harry Potter.

Particularly attractive offers for game sets can be found in the Zavvi online store. Today there is a wide range of prefabricated kits for sale, including those from 2021, at impressively discounted prices – up to 55% off the original price!

Now, for example, you can buy designers for adults 10292 LEGO Creator Expert Friends Apartments with a discount of 20 euros or 76240 LEGO DC Tumbler Batmobile cheaper by 30 euros. Parts from the first set are used to build models of two apartments of the heroes of the television series Friends – the total area of ​​u200bu200bthe structure is 64 cm by 31 cm, which allows you to recreate a detailed game location and play out stories involving seven characters.

The second set features a 45cm armored crime-fighting vehicle and a collectible figure of the legendary superhero Batman.

Easter discounts on Lego bricks have already begun

The selection of products at discounted prices also includes sets from the Technician series. At the moment, fans can even buy a designer 42131 LEGO Technic Bulldozer 42131 Cat D11T with a discount in price of 70 euros, which is considered one of the most difficult in the presented series. Measuring over 26 cm high, 57 cm long and 37 cm wide, the toy model of the real prototype not only accurately copies the original in design, but also demonstrates the performance of the main types of work. In this case, the bulldozer is controlled remotely.

Fans of the popular video game “Minecraft” have the opportunity to purchase at a discounted price a very entertaining desktop version offered by the set 21174 LEGO Minecraft Modern Treehouse. It promises an impressive build that is ideal for imaginative and spectacular play.

Thus, thanks to Easter discounts, construction fans have a real chance to become owners of the above-mentioned and many other sets that they could not previously buy due to high prices.

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