LEGO Ladybug Girl Keychain Available Now


The LEGO Group continues to work on projects to release new sets in series of collectible minifigures in 2022. Recently, the production of branded key chains and bag locks has become a separate line in this direction. This is confirmed by the official presentation in the online store of the Danish manufacturer of the next set 854157 LEGO “Keychain “Lady Bug Girl”.

The novelty complements the thematic assortment, which is beginning to enjoy great popularity among construction fans. However, a practical accessory with funny miniature Lego figures is in good demand among other consumers. Otherwise, the Danish company would not pay such attention to their release.

The main advantage of the LEGO product is that, compared to key chains from other manufacturers, it attracts attention with its original design. There can be no complaints about it from the point of view of practical use: the keychain guarantees the safety of the keys, as it is equipped with a durable ring. And the ladybug minifigure is securely “tied” to the ring with a metal chain. However, it can be used not only for keys. The accessory can also be easily attached to the lock of the bag, to clothes, and, finally, it can become a kind of decoration.

Unfortunately, detaching the miniature figure and using it as a regular toy will not work. So don’t even try to do it. And the last thing: the keychain will be sold at a price of 4.99 euros (577 rubles).


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