LEGO highlights the best Super Mario expansion set


In 2022, the Lego company continued to release sets that greatly expand the potential of the interactive board game Super Mario. Among the 14 presented to the fans of thematic designers, the prefabricated kit stands apart 71409 Super Mario Big Spike Cloud Trial Expansion Pack. Why was it singled out against the background of other extensions?

It’s simple:

  • Firstly, because this is one of the largest additions – it consists of 540 parts.

  • Secondly, 3 characters are included in its package. And two of them are newcomers to the desktop version of the popular computer video game.

  • Thirdly, this addition LEGO Super Mario makes it possible to raise the game to a truly heavenly level, as it elevates part of the game location to the sky.

It is extremely important that this expansion with figures of Huge Spike, Brother Boomerang and Piranha Plant is universal. It can be attached to any of the three previously released Super Mario Starter Kits. Measuring 38 cm long, 25 cm wide and over 19 cm high, the new modular complex fits perfectly with each of them – with 71360, 71387 and 71403. So there are no restrictions in this regard.

The best option among the expansion sets in the Super Mario series from Lego has been determined.

At the same time, a set with fantastic villains provides a fairly large number of various entertainments due to the presence of various mechanical devices. In particular, fans of the theme immediately drew attention to two “floating” cloud platforms with moving components. Fans of Super Mario were delighted with the mechanism that allows the Huge Spike to throw a spiked roller, as well as a swing in which the Piranha Plant disguised itself.

In general, the entire gameplay in the new product is built according to a familiar scenario – the player needs to continue earning virtual coins by helping the main characters of the story, Mario, Luigi or Princess Peach, fight new enemies. The villains are extremely dangerous, but the kit has everything in order to defeat them. In the fight with the Huge Spike, you should get as close as possible to the villain. You can do this by jumping over the orange mushroom springboards – you just need to be careful and dodge the spiked roller thrown by the enemy at a critical moment. To defeat Brother Boomerang, you need to use the blocks of superstars, or the star of invincibility, and to beat the Piranha Plant, strengthened jumps on a swing will help.

The best option among the expansion sets in the Super Mario series from Lego has been determined.

Without a doubt, of all the characters in the add-on in question, the most impressive Big Spike figurine in size will arouse the greatest interest. This villain, in comparison with the rest of the new opponents Mario, Luigi or Peach, creates the feeling of being on the playground. And not even so much for its size, but for its gaming potential.

In all respects, the considered kit will be a great extension for any of the three Super Mario starter kits that exist today. First of all, the prefabricated set is attractive with a very original content and an unusual game location.

Constructor 71409 Super Mario Big Spike Cloud Trial Expansion Pack can be purchased freely. Recall that it consists of 540 parts and 3 minifigures. Price: 69.99 euros.

The best option among the expansion sets in the Super Mario series from Lego has been determined.


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