LEGO has updated the Ultra Mech from the Monkie Kid series


As part of the fifth China International Import Exhibition, which takes place in Shanghai, a new constructor was introduced 80045 LEGO Monkie Kid Monkey Kings: Ultra Mech. The novelty will appear on sale on January 1, 2023. At the same time, it is reported that the set will not be freely available.

First of all, this is due to the fact that this line is intended for consumers of the products of the Danish manufacturer Lego in the countries of the Asian region. Therefore, those who wish will be able to purchase it only in the official Lego online store. The price of the updated version will be 139.99 euros.

Recall that in 2020 a similar robot was already presented in a set 80012 LEGO Monkie Kid Fur. In terms of purely external parameters – shapes and colors, both models are largely similar. However, they differ greatly in their assembly technique and parts used. So, in the old version, the robot had more voluminous shoulders and a narrower upper body. A characteristic feature for him was also the abundant use of exclusively gold elements in the model, or rather in the so-called metallic gold. The updated version has much more pearl gold, less foil elements and completely removed the cape.

In the following image, you can independently compare prefabricated robots from the new and old constructors and give your assessment of the novelty.

What is attractive about the updated Ultra Fur in the Monkie Kid series of sets

As for other comparative characteristics, then:

  • the new model is assembled from 1705 parts, which is 100 “bricks” more than was spent on the creation of its predecessor;
  • in terms of growth, the new robot turns out to be slightly lower – 39 cm, which is 1 centimeter less than the previous fur.

The newly-minted robot is attractive to young construction fans because it is endowed with good gaming potential. For example, due to the device of a special light stone in the head of the fur, which can activate a rather spectacular looking “Golden Look”. Inside the robot is equipped with a control cabin – by raising the mech’s head, you can place the Monkey King minifigure into it.

In addition, in comparison with the previous team toy, the novelty has other additional features that significantly expand its playing qualities. For example, thanks to some special devices on the sleeve and back of the robot’s combat suit, which can be put together and built from them into a small jet plane.

What is attractive about the updated Ultra Fur in the Monkie Kid series of sets

As in the version of the robot two years ago in the constructor 80045 LEGO Monkie Kid Monkey Kings: Ultra Mech along with a huge robot, 6 miniature figures of heroes of an adventure story are presented. Firstly, these are such famous characters as Baby Monkey – he is with a new staff, and the Monkey King himself. Secondly, the kit includes updated figures of the Azure Lion, Golden-winged Eagle, Yellow Elephant Tusk and Mr. Tan.

Notable updates to the figures include the addition of a purple cape, beak, elephant trunk with ears, and a new pearl gold crown with hair to the “Asian” themed series. In general, purely visually, in this version, both the updated fur and the miniature figures look very decent.

What is attractive about the updated Ultra Fur in the Monkie Kid series of sets


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