LEGO has 2 more botanical sets

At the beginning of 2021, the Danish company introduced sets to adult construction fans LEGO Botanical Collection, or in translation “Botanical collection”. Then a completely new line was opened by 4 sets: 40460 Roses, 40461 Tulips, 10280 Bouquet of Flowers and 10281 Bonsai.

It should be noted that the first set was not officially delivered to Russia, since it consisted of two roses. As you know, throughout the post-Soviet space, it is believed that flowers in an even number (2, 4, 6, 8) are presented only for funerals. Therefore, Russian lovers of the “world of cubes” were looking for a way out of this delicate situation and, of course, they found it. They purchased 3 sets for two in online stores and shared their contents among themselves. Thus, they became the owners of three roses.

The new line has interested the target audience of the Danish company of the 18+ category. The designer was especially in demand. 10281 Bonsai. Apparently, because he provided the opportunity to collect a magnificent Japanese tree in two versions. And also due to the fact that to simulate a flowering plant, the developers of the toy copy unexpectedly suggested using pink details of frogs as flowers.

The success of the Botanical Collection project is confirmed by the news that has recently spread on social networks. It is reported that Lego will continue to produce themed construction sets this year. Two more novelties await adult builders soon: kits 10309 lego Botanical Collection “Succulents” (771 parts) and 10311 lego Botanical Collection “Orchid” (608 details). It is assumed that both sets will cost 49.99 euros (4164 rubles).

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