LEGO Group employee incentives for 2021


According to Lego spokesman Benjamin Hjort, 2021 has been an “extraordinary year” for the Danish company. I mean financially. As early as 2 months ago, operating profit for the first half of the year was reported to have doubled compared to the previous year. The current statistics make it possible to predict with certainty that the year as a whole will end with a noticeable increase in sales and profits.

For workers in prefabricated toys, this means the inevitability of rewards for hard work. The Danish manufacturer has long been known in Europe for always taking good care of its employees. In particular, it supports employees during the birth and care of a child, pays for life insurance and disability leave. When high financial success is achieved, it encourages all staff with fairly solid increases to the basic salary. So in 2015, when the company made an impressive profit, it gave bonuses to each employee in the amount of a monthly salary.

Everything goes to the fact that similar bonuses await employees of Lego enterprises in April 2022, when the final results of the financial year will be summed up. More than 20,000 Lego employees can count on rewards in the form of bonuses and additional three days of vacation, according to Bloomberg.


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