LEGO Friends Horse Show Trailer set released

Fans of the Friends themed sets have long known that some of the heroines are involved in equestrian sports. Therefore, prefabricated kits with horses in the series appear quite often. But large vehicles for this line are a real rarity.

The theme of cars and horses is very popular among Lego fans. The appearance of such thematic sets always becomes a noticeable event. Latest novelty 41722 LEGO Friends Horse Show Trailer is a clear confirmation of this. The most remarkable thing is that just in this set, the developers combined both themes, and it turned out – a car for transporting horses.

LEGO Friends Horse Show Trailer combines 2 popular themes

What is a horse show trailer model?

Particularly close attention deserves the main model of the designer – the vehicle. The trailer turns out to be large – against its background, the car looks even somewhat small. However, all the characters of the toy are freely seated in it, as well as the guide dog Goldie.

In general, the design of the set 41722 LEGO Friends Horse Show Trailer is a mobile stable for horses with special stalls and a kind of field warehouse with hay bales. There is a place in it for items for the care of animals, sports equipment.

At the rear of the trailer is:

  • a separate compartment with various devices, tanks with drinking water and other things;
  • there was also a place to display some of the prizes and certificates won at the races.

Numerous awards suggest that these horses are far from newcomers to the sport.

LEGO Friends Horse Show Trailer combines 2 popular themes

If you climb the stairs to the roof of the trailer, you can find a real “living area” with a low table and sleeping places for all your friends. The bedroom is light thanks to the side windows and the glass roof. But that’s not all.

There are two additional compartments in the front of the trailer:

  • on the left is a bathroom,
  • on the right is a small kitchen with scrambled eggs on the stove, a small sink and a cupboard of dishes.

In general, the trailer in question is designed for multi-day trips. During long trips, all its participants will be in comfortable conditions.

Minifigures and related accessories

LEGO Friends Horse Show Trailer combines 2 popular themes

This set includes 3 friends mini-dolls:

  • emma,
  • Elijah,
  • Savannah.

It should be noted that the character – Emma, ​​has existed in the series for a long time. But Savannah and Elijah expanded their circle of friends relatively recently. Thus, the fans of the series have a good opportunity to get to know them better.

By the presence of equipment, in particular, riding helmets, and related accessories and items, one can understand that friends have left the city. At the same time, they decided not only to ride horses, but also to practice in overcoming various obstacles. Apparently, the guys are preparing for the races or demonstrations. True, they have only two horses at their disposal, so they will have to ride in turn.

In finished form, a very beautiful model is obtained from the details of the set. What’s even more satisfying is that the buildable set is endowed with a variety of play potential and allows you to perfectly expand the world of friends with new interesting features.

Constructor 41722 LEGO Friends Horse Show Trailer Consists of 989 parts and 3 mini-dolls. Also included are figures of two horses and one dog. Price: 99.99 euros.

LEGO Friends Horse Show Trailer combines 2 popular themes

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