“Lego” for adults presents a great novelty


The authors of the new set 76238 LEGO® DC Batman Classic Batman Mask offer fans and collectors of prefabricated toys to create an amazing thing with their own hands. This model can be considered an exact copy of the classic mask of the Night Knight in a cloak. It was in such a superhero that he first appeared before the audience in the famous television series Batman.

The stylish model is a design over 19 cm high, 10 cm wide and 12 cm deep.

The constructor is addressed to adult builders, as indicated by a special mark on the branded box: “+18”. The assembly of this mask will bring many pleasant moments, and the final result will turn into a reason for special pride. Because the created Batman mask, wherever it is placed – at home or in the office, will attract everyone’s attention – relatives, friends and colleagues. Well, it will cause real admiration among fellow tribesmen in the “world of cubes”. So the pleasure, the feeling of satisfaction from the work done and the possession of such a copy will remain in the soul of the owner of this interesting set for a long time.

The constructor will be a great gift not only for fans of the superhero Batman, but also for every construction lover.


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