Lego Ferrari Daytona SP3 set turned out to be problematic

The most expensive and highly anticipated supercar in a highly publicized set 42143 LEGO Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3 was at the center of a scandal. Early reviewers and buyers of the build found many glaring errors in the build instructions. Some of them significantly affect the operation of the machine mechanism.

For example, in assembly step 88, the absence of an additional panel indicating how the 2 orange wave selectors should be placed before inserting the green beam leads to a critical error in the operation of the gearbox. In step 104, the allocation of the wrong element is detected.

The constructor manufacturer is forced to urgently make corrections to the digital version of the manual published on the official website. However, bloggers point out that Lego not yet corrected all the errors identified by consumers.

Commentators recommend that the Danish company, after completing this work, print out an additional instruction with the corrections made and urgently send it to the buyers of the designer.

LEGO is in trouble again with the Ferrari Daytona SP3 set

Similar miscalculations in the activities of “Lego” happened before. But this case was special. Largely because, as luck would have it, it coincided with the news about the upcoming increase in prices for Lego products. That is, it served as a kind of adding fuel to the fire, which caused a strong reaction among design fans.

Costing a whopping $399.99 with so many bugs, Ferrari’s official licensed product, according to most commentators, has greatly undermined confidence in the high quality of Lego sets. And some fans expressed their opinion about what happened with quotes from the new set’s manual, which now sound quite ironic: “Both brands share the same goal – the endless pursuit of perfection in everything they do” and “The care for the smallest details was very impressive “.

LEGO is in trouble again with the Ferrari Daytona SP3 set

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